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Financial support for international climate action 

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About the Flanders International Climate Action Programme 

To support countries worldwide in the fight against climate change, the Government of Flanders launched the Flanders International Climate Action Programme in 2021. This programme strengthens the implementation of climate policies, strategies, regulations, and action plans in developing countries by providing financial support for projects that demonstrate technologies, disseminate knowledge and information, and initiate capacity building, both for adaptation and mitigation purposes.

Focus on 7 sectors with a significant impact on climate change

Projects should focus on areas where climate-related solutions are expected to have maximum impact, preferably in one or more of the sectors listed below.

Two types of eligible projects

The Flanders International Climate Action Programme provides financial support for two types of projects: dissemination and/or capacity building projects, and demonstration projects. Projects must be fully climate-accountable, meaning their primary objective should be to support climate actions in developing countries, aiming to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change on living and environmental conditions (adaptation) and/or reduce greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation) in those countries.

  • Dissemination projects focus on spreading and/or implementing the results of research and/or policy, while capacity building projects aim to enhance knowledge, skills, and/or resources. Projects may also combine dissemination and capacity building aspects.
  • Demonstration projects focus on showcasing and/or scaling up market-ready innovative solutions.

Project assessment

All submitted project proposals are assessed by an independent jury under the coordination of the Department of Environment. The decision regarding funding is made by the Government of Flanders.