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Supporting the energy sector in Mozambique by the NDC Support Center

Supporting the energy sector in Mozambique by the NDC Support Center

Enabling Mozambique to monitor and report its own NDCs

Nationally determined contributions (NDCs) are an assessment mechanism whereby each country reports on its efforts to reduce harmful emissions and adapt to the effects of climate change. NDCs are more than just administrative reports. They help a country monitor which actions are needed to fulfill its commitment to the Paris Agreement.

African countries rely on external agencies to help them prepare these reports to meet the standardization requirements. They should be enabled to carry out their own monitoring and reporting while raising their level of ambition at the same time.

Bringing essential expertise to Mozambique for monitoring and reporting energy data

Based on the energy statistics of AFREC in 2021, Mozambique nominated 5 new national focus points and officially requested support for capacity building and the establishment of a national energy information system. The NDC Support Center, a joint initiative between VITO, AFREC and CO2logic, has strong expertise in the creation and maintenance of energy databases and data warehouses.

With the support of AFREC, the NDC Support Center will be extended to Mozambique in close collaboration with Enabel Mozambique, IRENA and Universidad Eduardo Mondlane. AFREC will provide training and develop reporting systems and templates.

Expected results

The local skills necessary for collecting, processing and analysing energy data/statistics, as well as supporting the country’s energy modelling, will effectively be enhanced. Ultimately, Mozambique should find itself capable of preparing and monitoring its own NDCs and national action plans for its energy sector.

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Ilke Geleyn

Ilke Geleyn

Programme Manager G-STIC
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