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Agroecology for climate resilient communities in the Philippines

Resilient communities in the Philippines

Strengthening the climate resilience of local farmers and communities in the Philippines

More than half of the population of the Philippines depends on agriculture for their primary livelihood. Climate change has brought more crop diseases and prolonged droughts. Intensive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has resulted in land and water degradation, soil erosion, biodiversity losses, high greenhouse gas emissions, and persistent hunger and malnutrition among the most vulnerable.

Local government efforts fail to address farm rehabilitation and agricultural recovery. Without effective adaptation measures, climate change will worsen poverty. 

Setting up agroecology learning farms to cope with climate change

Agroecology is one of the most effective means of climate change adaptation. It contributes to climate change mitigation through carbon sequestration and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions while preserving natural resources, protecting biodiversity, and improving the flow of ecosystem services.

The climate resilience of local farmers and communities in the Philippines will be strengthened by using agroecology. by empowering them to use agroecology. Decades-long experience and expertise will be used to promote sustainable agricultural methods. Agroecology learning farms will be set up with the focus on community-based management of resources, participatory processes, co-creation and sharing of knowledge.

Expected results

The learning farms will show concrete responses to the challenges of climate change through farmer-to-farmer knowledge exchange, research, dissemination of best practices, and engagement with policymakers to integrate agroecology into their policy measures.

51 organizations and communities will advocate agroecology. 527 farmers will apply agroecological practices. This will encourage more local governments and other stakeholders to support agroecology. 

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Ilke Geleyn

Ilke Geleyn

Programme Manager G-STIC