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Mitigating the effects of urbanisation

Capacity building of faculty staff, students and youth for urban climate resilience Ayodhya implementation

Capacity building of faculty staff and students for urban climate resilience: implementation in Ayodhya

The city of Ayodhya is due to undergo major development. A new master plan is being created with projects for housing, infrastructure (hotels, hospitals, etc.) and commercial activities. All of these have the potential to increase heat stress, both within the developed area and its surroundings. It is therefore important that a traditional city, such as Ayodhya, has a plan for mitigating the negative effects of increasing urbanisation.

Education to support heat-considerate urban development

Heat-considerate urban development can be achieved using state-of-the-art tools for modelling urban growth, monitoring heat stress and modelling and analysing scenarios. But first, there needs to be sufficient knowledge and capabilities within the workforce to carry this out.

An educational programme covering climatic considerations, together with the tools and technologies for heat-considerate urban development, will be developed. The approach will smoothly transition students from classroom theory lessons to practicing what they’ve learned in the field, thereby increasing the availability of suitably qualified individuals as quickly as possible.

Expected results

An intensive classroom training programme covering how urban areas impact climate change will be developed. This will incorporate urban growth modelling, heat stress assessment and scenario analysis, using advanced modelling tools. In the field, a campaign of 3D heat monitoring and urban measurement mapping to develop urban heat resilience applications will be organised. Study trips and workshops will be provided.

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Ilke Geleyn

Ilke Geleyn

Programme Manager G-STIC