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Promising management practices for the yield of sorghum 

Promising management practices for the yield of sorghum under current and future climate conditions

Improve food production plans under current and future climate conditions

About 80% of Mali’s local food is produced by smallholder farmers. Irregular rainfall is causing uncertainty and affecting production.

The agricultural activities in Mali can only be improved by a better understanding of the seasonal cycle of rainfall, which is a good indicator of crop final yield. Without relevant knowledge of climate-change scenarios, and rainfall distribution in particular, it will be problematic to improve food production plans and develop climate adaptation strategies. 

Development of a climate dashboard for sorghum

Mali’s local agricultural communities will be supported to define climate adaptation strategies for sorghum, a multipurpose traditional cereal crop widely produced by smallholder farmers. Sorghum productivity in that region is limited by low soil fertility, limited use of fertilizer, irregular rainfall due to climate change and land degradation.

With CLIMTAG, a climate information tool for agriculture, location-specific climate impact indicators will be determined to increase sorghum yields under current and future climate conditions.

All scientific works will be developed by or in close cooperation with local scientists and experts, in the fields of weather and climate information, agronomy and rural economy.

Expected results

Climate adaptation management practices for sorghum will help the farmers adapt to climate change. It will also quantify how these adaptation practices affect crop performance and yield under current and future climate scenarios. Based on this information, a dashboard with climate insights for sorghum will be created with all stakeholders. This knowledge will be shared through agricultural practices workshops. 

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Ilke Geleyn

Ilke Geleyn

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